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Advantages for employers using SQF

The Slovenian Qualifications Framework (SQF) represents a unified system of qualifications in the Republic of Slovenia for the classification of qualifications into levels with regard to learning outcomes. It consists of 10 levels.

SQF is helping employers to choose the right worker, at preparing job apllications and at job systematization. The SQF enables employers a clear and transparent system of qualifications in the company. The SQF also helps employers to check if a qualification of a foreign candidate is right for the job at stake.

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Advantages for individuals using SQF

With what you will learn today, you want to be interesting  for the employers also tomorrow and in the future, at home and abroad. You can achieve that with planned gaining of qualifications and  elimination of possible deficiencies in knowledge, skills and competences.

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Advantages for educational institutions using SQF

Successful educational organisations form quality programmes and they ensure attention of a broader environement and a good entry for prospective candidates. The most important role in that has a successful integration or adequate coordination of wanted knowledge, skills and competences with the ones offered by a specific educational insitution.

Overview of functionalities on the SQF portal

Check the comparability of different qualifications. Through the SQF you can also check which level is achieved by your education or qualification in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) or in the Qualifications Framework in the European Higher Education Area (QF-EHEA).

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SQF levels by category of qualifications

The Slovenian Qualifications Framework (SQF) is a unified system of qualifications in the Republic of Slovenia for the classification of qualification into levels with regard to learning outcomes.

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Table of qualifications

The table below shows classifications of individual typical qualifications by SQF levels with regard to the type of qualification (educational qualification, vocational qualification and supplementary qualification) and the correspondence of SQF levels with EQF levels.

By clicking on an individual type of qualification you can access its general description, while clicking on the SQF/EQF level gives you access to so-called SQF level descriptors, which cover the categories of knowledge, skills and competences.

SQF levels scheme

SQF levels scheme