SQF Register

The SQF Register represents a publicly accessible information system of the Slovenian Qualifications Framework that provides insight into all individual qualifications (educational qualifications and national vocational qualifications) that can be obtained in Slovenia through state-approved education/study programmes and catalogues of standards of vocational knowledge and skills. The result is an increase in the transparency of the qualifications system used in Slovenia which will benefit a wide range of users: participants in education at all levels of the system, employees, employers, educational institutions, expert panels, guidance counsellors and others.

Qualifications are described in the SQF Register in accordance with SQF methodology and statutory provisions. The descriptions are also in line with the proposed parameters for the description of qualifications on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)  subpage of the Europass platform, with which the SQF Register is linked. Through the two registers, descriptions of individual Slovenian qualifications will be accessible to users in all EU countries, while descriptions of individual qualifications from different European countries will be accessible to users in Slovenia. This will facilitate easier comparability of Slovenian qualifications with the qualifications of other European countries.

With the further development of the SQF and the inclusion of supplementary qualifications and qualifications obtained under vocational and technical training and development programmes and study programmes for continuing education, descriptions of these qualifications will also be accessible in the SQF Register.  

You can find individual qualifications by searching the SQF Register or by using the qualifications structure search tool, which shows all qualifications by levels in a selected field.



Picture of search results of the SQF register.

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